Referee Schedule


The referee schedule for SAT OCTOBER 3RD IS NOT AVAILABLE YET.

Please review all pages of the schedule

Game Assignment Process

  • No later than Saturday night it is the responsibility of the referee to check and update their referee profile availablity as necessary for the following weekend
  • The Sunday prior to the game weekend, I assign games based on the availability information in your referee profile
  • On Sunday I will post the schedule to the website and send out an email blast (check the website even if you do not get the email!)
  • By Tuesday at 6pm you should have:
    • Checked the website (even if you did not get an email)
    • If you have games assigned, send me an email confirming them
    • Include in your email your name, the field and times (example - Joe Smith accepts my three games at CCL starting at 9am)
  • After you confirm, I change your name on the schedule to BOLD GREEN
  • If there are any games on the schedule marked AVAILABLE, you can request them at any time by email to me
  • On Tuesday at 6pm if there are game slots with a referee name that are NOT in green, you can request them by email to me