Tournament & Regular Season Rules

Division 5 and 6 Build Out Line New for 2021
Build Out Line for games. This will alleviate some pressure on the defensive team and give teams more time and space to play out of the back and move the ball up the field. 
What is a build out line:
The build out line is a line half-way between the mid-line and the goal box.  We ask that the offensive team moves back behind the build out line, when the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball and on goal-kicks.  This will allow the defensive team to have more time and space to get out of their defensive end and move up the field.  Goalkeepers are allowed to punt, throw or kick the ball to distribute off of their possession.  We are not asking teams to build possession play out of the back, unless they feel confident to do so.  Below is a link with more information and a visual. 



During the tournament, if a red card is given to a player then that player can not play in the rest of that game, and their next tournament game (if there is a next game). Report the red card to the coach of the offending team. It is up to the coach (not you as a ref) to enforce the suspension for the next game.


Be sure to review the rules before your first game - listed below are the rule changes (in red) for 2019!

Law VIII.  Start and restart of play
Coin Toss: Before the game a coin toss is held between the home and away team captains. The away team calls the coin toss. The coin toss winner gets to choose goal to attack or kickoff.   
Kickoff: Game starts with a kickoff at the center spot.
Drop Ball: When the referee stops the game for an injury, a non-player on the field, or any other unusual cause, the game is restarted with a drop ball to the team that last played the ball, unless the stoppage was in the penalty area or last touched in the penalty area.  In that case the ball is dropped to the goal keeper (who can play it with their feet or pick it up).  All other players must be at least 4.5 yards away. The ball must touch the ground before it can be played.  There are NO contested drop balls.  A goal MAY NOT be scored directly from a drop ball. 
Law IX. Ball in and out of play

The ball is out of play when the whole ball crosses the outside edge of the touchline or the goal line or the referee stops the game. 

It is also be out of play if the ball hits a referee or AR while in play the game will be restarted with a drop ball to the team that played it prior to the contact with the referee team member if (1) the team in possession of the ball changes, (2) aided a promising attack, or (3) went into the goal.

Law XII. Fouls

Intentionally heading the ball. No heading is permitted for players U12 and younger (Divisions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).  If ball is headed in the 18 yard box, by a player on the defensive team, the ball needs to be moved to the closest corner of the box for an indirect free kick. 

Deliberately handling the ball with hand or arms (not to be called unless the player is trying to contact the ball.  Can’t score or create a scoring opportunity from gaining possession of the ball after unintentional contact with an attacker’s hand/arm.  Restart with a goal kick if ball entered the goal.

Law XII.  Misconduct

Referees will issue a verbal warning to the head coach if they or their sideline become loud and disruptive.  After the initial warning, if the unfavorable sideline behavior continues, the referee will show the head coach a yellow card.  If the unwarranted behavior persists, the head coach will be shown a red card and must leave the field.  If the referee cannot regain control, the game will be terminated.

Law XIII. Free Kicks

Attacking team players must be at least 1 yard from a wall composed of 3 or more defensive players; attackers can’t be in the wall.

Law X1V.  Penalty Kick

Goal keeper only needs to have at least one foot on the goal line.